Casa Torre

Casa Torre Margherita, formerly named Palazzo Talei Franzesi, stands as an exquisite tower residence situated within a venerable 13th-century building, embraced by the enchanting core of San Gimignano, an esteemed UNESCO World Heritage city. The Dimora Storica is an exquisite outcome of a meticulous restoration, skillfully enhancing the original architectural framework while incorporating modern amenities to guarantee guests unparalleled services and utmost privacy, all within an ambiance that exudes a timeless allure. Casa Torre Margherita stands as the premier destination for Cooking Classes, offering our esteemed hosts a captivating and interactive culinary experience. Nestled within its walls, our skilled chefs embark on an enlightening journey, unveiling the alluring secrets and profound essence of Italian cuisine.


Duration: about 3 hours
Price: 180€ per person
When: Monday to Sunday (by reservation only)
Tel: +39 055 807 22 39

Would you like to enhance your Italian culinary skills while having a delightful time? Well, look no further – this is the ideal experience for you!
Upon your arrival, one of our knowledgeable wine experts will accompany you on a tour of the Dimora Storica and its enchanting surroundings. At the conclusion of the tour, you’ll have the pleasure of meeting our Chef, who will impart the art of crafting homemade pasta, pizza, ice cream, or any other traditional Tuscan recipes you desire (we’re here to cater to your preferences!). After the hands-on cooking session, you will be treated to a tasting of 6 wines from our Casa Emma and “Gli Allori” Montalcino selection, accompanied by our Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar. You’ll savor the delectable dishes crafted with our Chef’s expertise, all prepared using carefully selected organic ingredients. For your convenience, we will provide you with all the necessary culinary tools, including a branded apron. And as a cherished memento of this exceptional experience, you will receive the recipes you’ve prepared with us.


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